Association registered players must use an Ice Allocator 'Member' account to apply for camps and clinics organized by the association.

If you are new to the association, or have never previously applied  for a member account. Start from the IceAllocator home page at
➤ select Cloverdale MHA from the drop down menu
➤ click the 'Create' link at the bottom of the page
➤ select 'Member' in the Account type drop down list
➤ complete the account application process for the registered player
➤ use the child's name, not the parent name as the registered player, when completing the account application, as this is the information that will appear on clinic attendance lists
➤ click Submit
➤ within moments you should receive a message confirming your application.

Please note if your have more than one child, you will need to create separate member accounts. If you have a team official account, it can not be used to register for Camps or clinics  

Your application is not ready for use until it has been reviewed and approved by the association. After the review process, you should receive another email message indicating the outcome of your application.

Please allow 24 hours for your application to be reviewed.


I have a previous member account or have a new member account;

Start from the IceAllocator home page at Ice
➤ select CMHA your association
➤ click the 'Keys' icon to start the login process
➤ enter your 'Account ID' and 'Password' then click 'Login'
➤ hover your mouse over the 'Coach' icon then click 'Registration'

The camps and clinics available for your division will be displayed
➤ click the 'Details' link beside the camp/clinic you are interested in attending
➤ click 'Add to cart'
➤ click 'Checkout'

Complete the payment information. When complete, an email will be sent confirming the purchase. If you registered for free session only, you will not receive an email. To confirm that you are registered go to the "My Clinic List" this will display all clinics you are registered for.


From the Ice Allocator home page:Ice
➤ select your association
➤ click the 'Account' link at the bottom of the page
➤ enter the email address used when registering your account
➤ click submit
➤ within moments you should receive a message containing your Account ID
➤ if not in your email "InBox", please check your "Junk" email folder


From the Ice Allocator home page:Ice
➤ select your association
➤ click the 'Password' link at the bottom of the page
➤ enter your 'Account ID'
➤ click submit
➤ within moments you should receive a message containing your password
➤ if not in your email "InBox", please check your "Junk" email folder

To prevent IceAllocator email messages from going to your "Junk" email folder, create an email contact entry for:


If your email address changes or you would like to change you password;

Start from the IceAllocator home page Ice
➤ select your association
➤ click the 'Keys' icon to start the login process
➤ enter your 'Account ID' and 'Password' then click 'Login'
➤ hover your mouse over the 'Question Mark' icon then click 'My Account Info'

To change your email address
➤ Enter the new email address twice and the click "Update"

To change your password
➤ Enter the new password twice and click "Update"

➤ Click the home button to return to main page.



Q. I have applied for a new member account but I am not able to register for the sessions.

Your registration needs to be approved by the association. This prevents players not registered with CMHA from attending the sessions. Your new member account will be approved within a maximum of 24 hours. Do not apply for multiple accounts thinking you have done something wrong. You will receive an email when your account has been approved.

Q. I requested to retrieve my account id or password but did not receive a response.

Please check your junk mail folder. If not there your email on file may have changed. To update email info click on the “help" icon and then "my account info" and update the email address.

Q. My email address has changed and I can not remember my account id or password. Should I apply for new account.

NO,  Please send me an email, and I can find your account and update the email. Do not apply for a new account, if you do it will be rejected.

Q. How many free session can I register my child for.

Space is limited and we would like all member have a chance to register for the free sessions.  Please register for a maximum of 15-20 free sessions initially. After a few weeks if there are additional spots open, you may book more sessions. Please see the rules around no shows for free sessions.

Q. Do I need to cancel attendance to a free session?

Yes, demand form the free sessions is very high, and many of the sessions are at full capacity. Please cancel as soon as possible to allow another member to register. If you no show for more than one free session, you may be removed from attending any future free sessions.

Q. Do I need to register my child for the team sessions.

NO, these sessions are arranged with the head coach of each team.

Q. Do I need to register my child for the H1-H4 player development sessions.

NO, these sessions are arranged by your Division Director, you will be notified with the date and time of your development session.

Q. Are there additional player development opportunities for the H1-H4 players? 

NO, not at this time. We do offer complimentary goalie development for the H2-H4 age group

Q. I registered for free sessions but it does not show in my cart.

Because there is no monetary value to the free sessions it will not be added to your cart. To check to confirm you are register for free session, check the "my clinics" tab find a list of registered sessions.

Q. Atom - Midget Goalie sessions say free of charge, but I have to pay $20 per session?

Unfortunately in the past due to excessive no shows, we find it necessary to charge up front, and then issue a refund for all sessions that you attend. Refunds will be issued twice during the season, just before Christmas and again at the end of the season

Q. Can Rep players sign up for the free sessions

The free sessions are intended for the C level players, and the session will be taught accordingly. Should the session not fill, then Rep players will be invited to register. There are Rep specific Explosive Skating & Defense sessions, which are available to Rep players only.

Q. How do I cancel a session?

Please send an email to Please indicate the player name, age group, and session date.

Q. My son or daughter is sick and cannot attend a paid session?

As long as prior notice is received, you will be able to attend another session in lieu of the missed session.

Q. I need to cancel a paid session, will I get a refund?

If you need to cancel a session, your first choice will be to replace it with another session. If there are no sessions available that you are interested in attending, then you will be issued a refund.

Q. My child is in the C program, can they attend the rep clinics?

Normally no, bit if they were one of the last rep releases, and can perform at a rep level, then they can register. If they register for a Rep session, and can not keep up, then they will be removed from further sessions, and issued a refund.

Q. How can I choose sessions when i do not know my child’s practice or game times?

All sessions have been scheduled, where possible, to avoid conflicts with home game times. There may be the odd occasion where clinic times will conflict with away game times

Q. Can I pay for only the sessions of that clinic that I am able to attend?

Yes you will be able to choose and pay for only those sessions that you are able to attend.

Q Can I choose sessions from more than one clinic? 

Yes but it is not recommended as sessions will be taught in progressions.

Q What if I have more than one child wanting to attend the clinics?

For families with more than one child you will require separate login id for each child.

Q. What are my payment options?

Members can pay on line by Visa or Master Card through the Ice Alocator Web Site. Payment by Cheque or by E transfer is available for those that do not have credit cards

Q. Can I pay by cheque? 

To pay by cheque, please send an email, with details of what clinic you would like to attend, to Gary Rudin@, send payment by cheque payable to CMHA to;

PO Box 34005

17790 #10 Highway

Surrey, BC  V3S 8Z1

Once your payment is received,  you will be manually registered for the session(s).

Q. Can I pay by or E'transfer?

Yes, to pay by E'transfer, send an email with details of the sessions you would like to attend to Gary Rudin @ Send your E'transfer to the attention of Tony Miles @ please use the password "hockey". Once payment is confirmed you will be manually registered for the session(s)

Q. Once the first session of a clinic has passed can I still register for the balance of the sessions?

Yes.  You can register for as many sessions as you want, at any time. You only pay for those sessions you can attend.