Equipment & Jerseys

What gear do we need?

Guidance for player equipment can be found at the following link:

CMHA Equipment Guidelines

One item to pay special attention to (and the hockey equipment store will probably forget to mention) is making sure the stick has a decent sized "butt" to it - as most sticks do not come with endplugs. This is achieved by wrapping tape around the end until the end is large enough it will not pass through the cage of a mask.

A full handbook for player safety, including more equipment recommendations, has been published by Hockey Canada and can be downloaded at:

One important thing to note: If your child’s had good success at skating lessons before joining hockey, their helmet is probably covered in little reward stickers. Unfortunately, these need to be removed. The glue from these stickers will degrade the plastic the helmet is made from.

Jerseys & Socks

CMHA provides player game jerseys and socks each year.

All player registration fees included a $50 refundable jersey deposit.

This one time fee is refundable when players cease playing for the Association or when they move outside of our boundaries.

For players who play on an 'A' level team, and additional $250 jersey deposit is collected by the Team Manager, as the cost of each 'A' level jersey is significantly higher.

Jersey Deposit Refunds

In most cases, players in their last year of Midget or Juvenile will request this refund, however if you are no longer playing hockey or you'll be moving outside of our boundaries please complete the form and provide your reason for requesting the refund.

Please follow these instructions to submit your request:

  1. Click on the following link.  This will open a PDF in your browser.
  2. Save this form to your computer (IE: Desktop)
  3. Open the file using Adobe Reader and complete all fields
  4. Select "Submit to CMHA Admin by email"
  5. Your email program will open and you can then send the completed form to CMHA

Refundable Jersey Deposit Refund Form

Refund requests will be processed after jerseys and equipment are returned in mid-April.

For any questions, please contact
Glenna Weiss
CMHA Administrative Manager