Volunteer Policy

New for the 2018-2019 season, we are implementing a formal volunteer policy.

In order to ensure the continued success of the many programs that Cloverdale MHA runs each year, we are implementing a mandatory Volunteer commitment for each family of a child registered with Cloverdale Minor (with the exception of players in the Juvenile Division due to CMHA providing neither evaluations/tryouts, nor development/tournaments for the Juvenile Division).

Deposit Information

  • Each family will provide a $150 post dated cheque per player (dated March 15, 2019), made out to CMHA
  • Cheques will be collected during the tryouts/evaluation skates for your player (s) (please bring to each player's first scheduled skate)
  • If you are unable to provide a post dated cheque, please contact Mike Wellar – cloverdalemha.registrar@gmail.com to set up an alternate payment arrangement

Volunteer Requirements

  • Each family will need to volunteer for a minimum of 4 shifts for each child, or commit to one full time position for each child registered with CMHA
  • Families with 2 or more children registered will need to complete a minimum of 8 shifts or commit to one full time position

(Example – Joan has 3 children registered with CMHA. She can met her volunteer commitment by signing up for 8 shifts or by committing to an Assistant Coach position with her daughter’s team)

  • Shift time will vary depending on the responsibilities but will generally be 1-1.5 hrs in length
  • Families must complete all assigned shifts or complete the duties of the full time position in order to meet the volunteer commitment.

(Example – if Mark completes 3 shifts but is unable to complete his 4th shift, his cheque will be cashed)

  • Families are responsible for finding a replacement for a shift that they have signed-up for but are unable to cover. If a family is a no-show for any shift where they have signed up for a volunteer position, that no-show will result in the cheque being cashed. 

Volunteer Roles and Shifts

Full Time Positions
Member of Board of Directors
Coach Coordinator
Risk Manager
Tournament Coordinator
Equipment Manager
Volunteer Coordinator
Division Managers
Head Coach
Assistant Coaches (up to 3 per team)
Team HCSP (1 per team)
Team Manager (1 per team)
Team Treasurer (1 per team)
Team Tournament Rep (1 per team)
PCAHA Volunteers
Photo Day Coordinator
Parade Coordinator
Fundraising Coordinator (Giants Night, etc)

Shift Positions
Evaluation/Tryout Time Keeper
Evaluation/Tryout Bench Staff
Evaluation/Tryout HCSP
Evaluation/Tryout Pinnie Collector/Clean-Up
Evaluation/Tryout On Ice Helper
Tournament Office Staff
Tournament 50/50
Tournament Raffle
Tournament Concession
Tournament Time Keeper
Tournament Score Keeper
First Shift Welcome Event Volunteers
Photo Day Volunteers
Parade Volunteers
Equipment Handout/Collection Volunteers

If there is another volunteer role that you feel you could commit to that would help CMHA, please contact either your Division Director or our Registrar, Mike Wellar to discuss.

Volunteer Sign-up process

  • Sign-up for volunteer positions will use the existing online sign-up process that we use for tournaments, tryouts and evaluations (currently we use volunteersignup.org). Simply select the time that you will be able to cover & provide your name, contact details and your child/division.
  • Sign-up lists for the tryouts and evaluations will be distributed around 2 weeks before the tryout/evaluation start date to the impacted division/groups first. For example, Midget rep families will get the first chance to signup for times in their tryouts. Families of C/House players and Initiation (H1-H4) players will not receive their signup schedules until the evaluation skates have been finalized at the end of August.
  • Full time positions will be tracked separately through the Hockey Canada database and/or other internal tracking software.
  • FAQ

    What do I do if I don’t have a cheque?

    Please contact our Registrar Mike Wellar – cloverdalemha.registrar@gmail.com to arrange an alternate payment

    Why are Juvenile families not required to complete the volunteer hours?

    We do not offer tournaments or tryouts/evaluations for Juvenile teams.

    How did you decide on the $150 deposit?

    We looked at programs offered by other associations both within Hockey and in other sports and found that $150 was a fair number to use for our first year. Many associations use a much higher amount and we may adjust this deposit in the future depending on how the program performs.

    How did you arrive at 4 shifts per player?

    We looked at all of our required position for the year and divided it by the amount of expected registered players, discounting those families that would be taking a full time position?

    Why does someone in a full time position not have to do 4 shifts?

    The commitment for a full time position is much higher than the 4-6 hrs required to complete the shift requirements, with many of the positions requiring over 20+ hrs of a time commitment.

    Why do families with 3+ children only have to complete 8 shifts?

    We looked at the association and this is a very small part of the entire Colts organization and these parents are already paying registration fees for 3+ kids and having the extra time commitment of getting 3+ kids to and from the games, practices, etc. Frankly, we decided to give them a bit of a break.

    I have 2+ players and sign up for a full-time position - do I still need to sign up for 4 hours for the second player?

    No. Because of the time commitment of a full time position (usually much more than 8-10 hours), volunteering for one of these positions will fulfill the hours required for both players.

    Isn’t this just another way for the association to make money?

    No. The goal of the program is to ensure that we have enough volunteers for all of our events and that everyone meets their volunteer commitments. Ideally, CMHA does not want to cash any cheques during the season. If we do happen to cash a cheque we use those funds to pay people to staff those people.

    Does this mean that you are paying your replacement staff $30-40/hr?

    No, generally we provide our replacement staff with a $20/hr honorarium. The extra money is to incentivize people to meet their volunteer commitment. Many associations that we spoke to found that if the deposit was too small people would simply pay funds and not complete their hours. This is not the goal of this program and we will continue to adjust to deposit amount to ensure that people are meeting their volunteer hours rather than simply opting out of their commitment.

    What happens if I’m a rep parent and I’m unable to find enough time during the tryouts/evaluations?

    There are a number of team official positions which are available for each team. In addition, all association members are welcome to sign-up to volunteer at any of our C tournaments to complete their volunteer commitment. Finally, we have asked that anyone taking a full time position do not take a shift as this will ensure that we have enough positions available for everyone to meet their commitment.

  • That being said, we’d encourage all families to complete their commitment as early in the season as possible so that you are not scrambling at the end of the year to make up your hours.

    Why can’t I just pay my money up front and not do my volunteer hours?

    While some associations have taken this approach, the goal of the program is to fill our volunteer times. Finding people to fill shifts is labour intensive and may leave some of our events without the volunteers needed to run the event, leading to the cancellation of the event. For this reason we are not offering this option at this time.

    What happens if I cancel my cheque before it’s cashed?

    If we are unable to collect the owed funds we will add the funds and an NSF fee to your child’s registration fees for the coming year(s). As is our current position, we also will not approve player transfers to other associations or organizations if there are outstanding fees on a player’s account.