Team Official Qualifications


There are four positions on the team that are considered Team Officials which are the Coach, any Assistant Coaches, the Manager and the HCSP (Hockey Canada Safety Person). The following table outlines the courses that these Team Officials must complete and by what deadline.


Official TypeRISCRCCATTCoaching ClinicHCSP
Head CoachYYYYN
Assistant CoachYYYYN
Team ManagerYYYNN
Safety PersonYYYNY


Do NOT delay in signing up for any of these clinics or in completing these certification steps. There will be NO Courses offered after December 1st. Do not leave it until the last minute as you probably will not be able to sign up for the course you need as it will be full. Most classes are limited in size and they do fill up quickly.

The cost of all courses are reimbursable for rostered team officials. For reimbursement, please e-mail your proof of certification and receipt along with your name, team info and mailing address to

There are penalties and or fines assessed if teams do not have team officials that have the required qualifications in place by the deadline . For teams that have divisional playoffs, they may be disqualified. It is very important to get this done sooner than later.


TeamSnap Registration

This year we are again adding Team Officials to their teams through TeamSnap Registration - here is the link

The information for most of the below certifications is also available in the registration steps within this registration link.


Respect in Sport (RIS)

Respect in Sport (formerly known as SpeakOut) for coaches and sport leaders is designed to assist in identifying and dealing with abuse, neglect, harassment and bullying in sport. The on-line curriculum is broken into six, 30 minute modules and includes audio/visual presentations, quizzes and printable handouts.? It can be taken module by module so you don't need to complete the whole course at once.

RIS can be found online here:


Criminal Records Check (CRC)

CMHA requires that all volunteers undergo a Criminal Records Check (CRC) and a Vulnerable Person's Check every 2 seasons. This is in keeping with BC Hockey policy and helps to ensure the safety of the players within our organization. .

CMHA uses the Province of BC’s Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP).  This is a secure system that allows volunteers to complete the review process from home.  There is no cost for this service so it saves the Association money and it saves time for volunteers.

The results are the same as CRCs completed through RCMP detachments.

Please click the following link to request an access code for the CRC: CRC Request

More information on the CRRP can be found at:


Concussion Awareness Training (CATT)

The Concussion Awareness Training Tool (CATT) is a required certification for all Team Officials to have completed
before participation in any practice or games.
CATT can be found online here:


Coaching Certification

Coaching qualifications are split into 2 categories. The "community" stream and the "performance" stream. The community stream is for coaches working with 'C' or House teams (including Initiation and all Atom teams). The performance stream is for coaches working with 'A" or Rep teams in Atom division and higher. Head Coaches wishing to coach the Bantam AAA team are also required to complete the High Performance certification.

If you are unsure of your qualifications or qualification requirements, contact the Coaching Co-ordinator for clarification.

There are 4 different courses to take depending on which team level you are going to coach. They DO NOT crossover into each other's requirements. If you are coaching at multiple levels, you may need multiple certifications.

In order to be qualified to coach (or assistant coach) any Initiation team, you must be "Coach-1" qualified

  • Coach 1 is a two part course. First you must complete the HU Online Coach coursework, and then you can register to attend the Coach 1 in-person clinic
  • Coaches who completed Coach-2 prior to the 2017-2018 season are considered certified for Initiation, but are still encouraged to take Coach 1 as the content is specifically geared to the Initiation age group.

In order to be qualified to coach (or assistant coach) a C team (any Atom team, and any House team above Atom) you must be "Coach-2" qualified (or equivalent - formerly called Coach-Hybrid).

  • Coach 2 is a two part course. First you must complete the HU Online Coach coursework, and then you can register to attend the Coach 2 in-person clinic.

In order to be qualified to coach (or assistant coach) an A team (in all divisions higher than Atom) you must be "Coach-Developmental 1" qualified (or equivalent).

  • Dev 1 is a two part course. First you must complete the HU Online Coach coursework, and then you can register to attend the Coach- Developmental 1 in-person clinic.

In order to be qualified to head coach the Bantam AAA team,  you must be "High Performance" qualified (or equivalent).

To register for these clinics, go to BC Hockey Lower Mainland Coaching Clinics


Hockey Canada Safety Program (HCSP)

The Safety Person(s) on the team all must complete this clinic. The clinic is completed entirely online. Please note that the HCSP clinic is required and can NOT be substituted with First Aid or Medical Professional qualifications.

To register for the clinic, go to BC Hockey Online Safety Clinic


Can all Team Officials go on the Bench??

Please note that the Team Manager and HCSP  are considered to be registered Volunteers and not Coaches. They can push pucks in practice and open a door on the bench, but they are not permitted to Coach unless they also have the required Coaching certification.


On Ice Helpers

BC Hockey highly recommends that all Adult Volunteers helping with the team be Team Officials, but there are some circumstances where additional On Ice Helpers are used.

On Ice Helpers must have their Criminal Record Check, CATT Certification, and Respect In Sport. This allows them to be added to the CMHA Volunteer Roster.

On Ice Helpers CANNOT COACH and CANNOT serve in a dressing room or on a bench as a Team Official. They can push pucks in practice, but they cannot act as a Coach.


What about Players as On Ice Helpers?

We often get questions about if other players can serve as On Ice Helpers. Yes - this is not just permitted, but that kind of mentorship is encouraged.

Rules around this are:

  • The player must be registered with BC Hockey.
  • For players in Bantam and lower, full gear is required.
  • For players in Midget and higher, the same gear as for Coaches is required.

NOTE that players in Juvenile who are over 19 are considered adults and will need to follow the criteria above for adult On Ice Helpers.