Returning Players

To register online as a returning player, you will need your player's HCR ID. This is an 13 digit number associated to your player.

If you are using the same computer you registered on last year, and/or you are using the same TeamSnap account you registered with last year, you should be able to select that same player profile during registration, and TeamSnap will 'remember' that information for you. 

If that doesn't work, you may have the number in your emails from a previous season - you can try searching for the term 'HCR ID' or 'Hockey ID'.

The third option is to log into the HCR system:  You will need to use your primary email that you registered your player with. You can opt to select the 'reset password' option if you do not remember your password. Once logged in, select either the 'Members' or the 'Dashboard' option and then select the player you need to lookup the ID for. 

If the above options still don't give you this information, please email our Administrator at

Please note - players who skipped a season or two, or withdrew partly through last season, are still considered to be returning players for registration purposes.

Depending upon the number of teams which can be formed, and ice availability, some players or goalies may be waitlisted In these cases, registration status will be determined based upon a first come, first served basis, using the date and time when a player was registered.  

It is important that you register as early as possible.



Registration Fee

As per the Fees and Payments page. 

3rd or 4th Child??

Please email us if you are registering more than 2 players - we will need to arrange a discount for your 3rd/4th player.

Volunteer OPT OUT Fee (OPTIONAL)

The opt out option is a $300 fee. Full details are on our Volunteer Policy page.

Late Registration Fee

As per the Fees and Payments page. 

Rep Tryout Fee (OPTIONAL)

As per the Fees and Payments page. 

Carry Over Fees from 2022-2023

If there is an amount owing for a missing jersey, for not completing volunteer requirements, or any other amounts from last season that may still be due, that amount due will show in the payments section as: Hockey Canada Hockey ID Adjustment, and will be included in your fees owing for this season.

If you have any questions about Carry Over fees, please contact our Administrator:


Please see the Fees and Payments page for full details - we accept both Credit Card and eTransfer.

Payment as per the payment schedule must be up to date as of the start of the season before registration will be fully processed.