Rep Policies

Rep Try-outs are optional and are for Atom and above.

The Rep policies for the 2020-2021 season have not yet been defined. We expect that skates at the start of the season may not be permitted in the full manner that we usually are able to, so we have removed the 'A1' separate option from registration. 

We will publish the updated policies as soon as it is clearer what will be permitted for skate formats in the fall.

For families new to the Rep Process and Rep Hockey, we highly recommend you review the following information:

Download (PDF, 502KB)

Thank you to all who completed our Rep Process Survey prior to the season.

Please find below the updated Rep Policies for the 2020-2021 Season: 

Primary changes were around Covid restrictions on format of the sessions, removal of Parent Coaches from the evaluation process prior to Phase 3, and further clarification of the exceptional player policy.

Download (PDF, 236KB)

Updated as of 3-Sep-20 with corrected Appeal link

For any players needing an exemption due to Injury or due to conflict with attending a Midget/Junior camp - please email your Division Director the full information and details of which sessions your player will miss. They will direct you on next steps.