If you do not see your participant's tryout group in your TeamSnap, and/or you have not received a request from Team Snap, please contact Andy Neumann - your Division Director @ u18@cloverdaleminorhockey.com

Please review the Evaluations page for an overview of the process and other details you will want to know. 

We are projecting 2 A teams, and 7 C teams in U18 this season. 

A1 Coach Jon Silcox
A2 Coach Jim Strang
C Coaches Foster, Kovach, Ghini, Panting

Need 3 additional C Coaches


Please Remember:

  • First Skate - Please arrive a minimum 45 minutes prior to the ice time. This extra time is to pick up your pinnie, as well as to ensure you are on our roster for the day's skate.
  • Second Skate - Please arrive a minimum of 30 minutes prior to the ice time, to ensure you are ready to be on the ice at the start of the session.

* please note that skate time changes may occur - recheck this page before attending a skate *

Immediately following a participant's final evaluation skate, you must return their pinnie to the CMHA representative (they will not receive a next skating assignment until the pinnie is returned).

C Evaluations

Each participant will take part in (2) two evaluation scrimmages, it is important that each participant attend a minimum of (1) one session. This will help to ensure the drafting of balanced teams.

Goalies - please advise your Division Director ahead of the draft if you prefer to be paired with another goaltender, so you have the opportunity to also play out. 

Schedule & Groups:

Please Note you will need to scroll to the right in order to see all the skate groups.  There are 6 skate groups in total.