U21 (Juvenile) Evaluations


If you have not received a request from Team Snap, and/or do not see your player's name listed in TeamSnap, please contact your Division Coordinator Deanna Cox @ u21@cloverdaleminorhockey.com

Unfortunately the A team is a no go. We are now projecting 3 C teams 

C Coaches Darrell Penner, Andrew Porter & Jason Seath

Season play for U21 starts after Thanksgiving.

C Teams

We have room for 5 more skaters and 1 more goalie.

  • C teams have 3 practices at the start of the season, and then just 1 game per week after that.
  • U21 C hockey is $275 for the season, including ref fees.
  • The only additional costs are for tournaments, or team specific expenses, as agreed upon by the team.
    • We are hosting our own Tournament this season - dates are March 18 to 21. 
  • For C we allow requests of 3-4 players you want to play with, and you are guaranteed at least one buddy on your team.
    • Please fill out the following form to submit your request:


    • Request submissions are due Sep 18th


We hold evaluation scrimmages so that we can rank skaters and balance the teams.

All players are asked to attend at least one skate to be evaluated to be accurately assessed for the draft.

The skates are scheduled as:

Sep 16 at SSLC #3 from 9:30-11pm.

Sep 17 at SSLC #2 from 10-11:15pm.

Subsequently, the teams will have pre-season ice as follows: 


U21 C1
Sept. 19th @ SSLC #1 = 8:00-9:30pm
Sept. 24th @ SSLC #2 = 10:00-11:15pm
Oct. 3rd @ Cloverdale = 8:15-9:45pm


U21 C2
Sept. 19th @ SSLC #1 = 9:45-11:00pm
Sept. 26th @ Cloverdale = 8:15-9:45pm
Oct. 1st @ SSLC #2 = 10:00-11:15pm 


U21 C3
Sept. 20th @ SSLC #3 = 9:00-10:30pm
Sept. 26th @ SSLC #1 = 8:00-9:30pm
Oct. 10th @ SSLC #1 = 8:00-9:30pm


Scrimmage/Exhibition Games
Sept. 27th @ Cloverdale = 7:30-9pm 3 v 1
Oct. 3rd @ SSLC #1 = 8:00-9:30pm 2 v 3
Oct. 10th @ Cloverdale = 8:15-9:45pm  1 v 2


U21 C Regular Season - Shared Home Ice
Tuesdays 20:15 21:45 Sry Cloverdale
Tuesdays 20:00 21:30 Sry Sport Ctr 1

If you have any questions, please contact Division Coordinator Deanna Cox @ u21@cloverdaleminorhockey.com