POST REFRESHED as of June 6th, 2023

BC Hockey has implemented updated policy with respect to non-sanctioned hockey that can be viewed HERE.

Along with the policy, participants are encouraged to review additional resources that can help answer important questions regarding non-sanctioned hockey, and the many benefits of BC Hockey Membership. This information can be found on our website HERE.

Should you have any questions regarding this information, please contact the BC Hockey Office at or 250-652-2978.

Specifically as applies to minor associations, we are required to remove players from our rosters who are known to be participating in non-sanctioned leagues to avoid the listed penalties:

SECTION III: SUPPORTING A NON-SANCTIONED LEAGUE BC Hockey has implemented the Hockey Canada Non-Sanctioned League Policy (attached as Appendix A), and in addition has strengthened the application of that policy in the following additional ways: i. Any Member organization which supports a non-sanctioned program or league incurs the risk of BC Hockey withholding tournament sanctioning approvals, event hosting, or other benefits from the Member, and 109BC Hockey Policy Manual 2022 ii. Any Member organization which supports a non-sanctioned program or league also incurs the risk of BC Hockey withdrawing any upcoming sanctioned tournament or event from any community within the geographic boundaries of that Member association, at any time prior to the tournament or event. For greater certainty, “support” or “supporting” includes, but is not limited to, assisting a non-sanctioned program or league, directly or indirectly, through advertisement, promotion, ticket sales, volunteer activities, assigning officials, sharing resources, or enabling non-sanctioned teams or participants to participate in Hockey Canada sanctioned activities.

As well as the above, we do want to clarify that any players participating in our A programs have earned that spot, and are expected to fulfill it. While we will do our best to support multi-sport athletes who are participating in other BC Hockey programs and other minor sports, missing your A hockey activities for non-sanctioned hockey activities may result in Player Discipline as per Operating Policy 20.3 Player Discipline.

Participation in non sanctioned hockey at the same time as playing A hockey in Cloverdale MHA also violates our Code of Conduct, by tarnishing the image of the Colts A program. Non sanctioned leagues intentionally advertise themselves as superior to Minor Hockey, and support of those programs degrades our brand as a top tier Minor Association.