Cloverdale Minor is pleased to announce a new offering - Summer Camp programs! This is for players and goaltenders looking to sharpen up their hockey skills with additional development time. 

This is in ADDITION to our usual Pre-Season Camps!

Summer Camps will start August 8th and run for 4 days finishing Thursday Aug 12th.  Each camp session will be one hour and length. There will a player to instructor ratio of a maximum of 1 to 8 for players and 1 to 4 ratios for Goalies. 

Prep Camps for all age groups will still be offered following completion of these Summer Camps. Dates and programs will be announced soon. 

Craig and his team at Pacific Titans will run Player sessions, and Joey and his team with ProFormance will run Goalie sessions.

Age Groups for camps are based on the Division players will be registering for in the upcoming Season:

Division Birth Year(s)
U7 2015
U8 2014
U9 2013
U11 2011/2012
U13 2009/2010
U15 2007/2008
U18 2004/2005/2006

NOTE: In August there will be construction on Fraser Hwy which may impact access to SSLC. Click here for alternate routes.


The focus will be on progressing the player’s abilities in skating technical skills, dynamic edge control, agility, Crossovers, transition skating, increase overall speed and efficiency in the stride both forwards and backwards. Maximum 22 Skaters.

August 9th, 10th 11th & 12th


U11-13 – 1:30pm - SSLC #2                                                                       $210.00

U15-U18 – 6:00pm - SSLC #2 **                                                                  $210.00

U7 -U9 Canceled due to lack of interest

** Content changed to include some puck and shooting drills 


This session is designed to increase power and accuracy of your shooting skills as well as increase the player’s puck handling skills, creative dekes, in tight puck control, speed with the puck & puck confidence. Focus will be proper shooting techniques for wrist shot, backhand, slap shot, flip shot, passing and stick handling.  Maximum 22 Skaters.

August 9th, 10th 11th & 12th

U11-13 – 3:00pm - SSLC #2                                                                      $210.00

 U7 - U9 Canceled due to lack of interest

U15 - U18 Cancelled due to lack of interest


The focus of these sessions will be proper techniques and progressions of how to give and receive checks. Follow the 4 progressions of checking. Positioning and angling, stick check, contact confidence, and body contact and body checking. Players will learn angling, corner checking, in front of the net checking, along the boards checking, neutral zone checking, offensive zone checking, defensive zone checking pinning techniques and taking away exit lanes. Players will also learn how to take checks with minimal impact, evasive manoeuvres, and key tips for receiving checks. Maximum 22 Skaters

August 9th, 10th 11th & 12th

U15-U18 – 7:30pm - SSLC #2                                                                     $210.00

NOTE: Yes - we will still offer our usual sessions of checking training prior to the season tryouts - this is an additional full camp option that specializing in checking. 



August 9th, 10th 11th & 12th

U9 – U18 – 9:00am - SSLC #2                                                                     $240.00

Maximum 16 Goalies


CMHA reserves the right to cancel camps due to lack of registrations. Should a camp be cancelled, participants will receive full refunds. Registration for all sessions will close on June 27 so ice can be returned without charge if sessions do not meet minimum registration. Registration will be for all camp dates. No refunds will be issued for sessions that you are not able to attend.

Registration details are available through the TeamSnap registration form. Payment can be made by credit card on-line, or select the offline option and pay via etransfer.

For any on ice questions, contact Craig Sherbaty at

For any questions regarding the registration process for the Camps, contact Gary Rudin at


Gary Rudin

CMHA Player Development Coordinator