Hello Colts Families,

First of all, I would like to thank you for your support, and commit to you to provide transparency, our best efforts, and to keep every Colts player in mind in all the work that the Executive Committee does this season. I am excited to have the privilege to continue the great progress we have made in previous years, and take those successes forward. We have an impressive group of talented and dedicated volunteers on the Committee. Thank you to all of those volunteers for their willingness to serve.

The Committee has been busy already over the past several months planning for the coming season. As you may have heard, many private rinks have started to offer on ice opportunities involving limited numbers of skaters and instructors, and we are meeting weekly with PCAHA and BC Hockey to put together the best season possible for our Colts players. We are also reaching out to the City to find out when the ice may be available in our arenas, and what protocols they and the public health authorities may be requiring when that occurs.

As we work through this process, we will be providing the Association with regular updates. While it is our intention to give all players as ‘normal’ of a season as possible, we are living in a new normal and that may impact what we can offer this year. As the situation develops and we have a clearer picture of what can proceed, we will provide those updates to our members.

At this time we don’t know exactly what the season will look like, but we need to move forward with registration, which will be opening on June 1st.

To help you plan for the season we wanted to outline a few notes on the registration process this year:

  • When registration opens on June 1st we will be asking all registering players to pay a non-refundable $50 deposit. Usually we offer full refunds until the end of July, and partial refunds thereafter, but this season we have built in this deposit to create contingency funds in case the season is significantly impeded, and in case BC Gaming is not able to fully fund user groups. We are extremely hopeful given the progression of the ‘opening up’ activities that the worst case scenario will not be necessary, but at the same time it is simply financially prudent to plan for all of the ‘what if’ situations that could possibly occur.
  • This being said, if the $50 deposit presents a financial hardship at this time, please get in contact with our registrar Mike (registrar@cloverdaleminorhockey.com), and we will do our best to make alternate arrangements. We do not want players who want to play to miss out due to financial concerns.
  • As of this season, Credit card payments will now include a processing fee. Payments can be sent electronically via etransfer to avoid this fee.
  • Installment payments are recommended, and will be spread out further. Instead of 3 payments, the schedule will be 5 equal payments of whatever the balance per players is, applied July through November. Installments will also allow us the flexibility to decrease later payments if necessary rather than processing hundreds of refunds, in the case that we need to change the season format or length.
  • Please register as early as possible. While we hope to be able to offer hockey to our normal 900+ players, if we are unable to secure as much ice as we usually do, or if the numbers of players per team are limited, we would have to cap our registration numbers and offer refunds to those families who did not register early enough. In that case we would handle this on a first in, first out basis.
  • For this season only, we will not be including referee costs into the registration fee.
  • Finally, as approved by the membership at our recent Annual General Meeting earlier this month, we will be hiring a Director of Hockey Operations for the coming season. This new position will include our development programs, and expand upon the scope of those programs, as well as bring some much needed support to our Coaches. We will have more information on the successful candidate for this role in the coming months. With this new position, the membership approved an increase in player registration fees of $100.

We look forward to letting you know more about the coming season as we have that information. If you have any questions in the mean time, please let us know. Our website will be updated over the next few days in preparation for registration opening.

Deanna Cox

President, Cloverdale MHA