Hello Colts Families –

The abrupt end to this past season is sad for all of us, and we are very much looking forward to life getting back to normal as soon as possible. We are hoping everyone is keeping well, and our sincere thanks goes out to all the parents who are front line workers or otherwise helping keep things rolling while the majority of us are hunkered down in our homes.

We had our first virtual executive meeting last night, and one of the primary topics was supporting our membership through this Covid-19 crisis.

Our first thought is how we can lessen the stress financially for our members. As a result of those discussions, we have decided to take a couple actions:

1> for members who did not fulfill their volunteer requirements this past season, we will be adding that $150 fee to next year’s registration rather than cashing the deposit cheques now.  The only exception will be members that age out or otherwise do not re-register, but in those cases we will also not deposit those cheques until the close of registration (early June).

2> we will be working on adjusting the registration format to minimize the upfront payment and spread out the payments over a longer time (probably 4 payments instead of 3, but we are still working on the details), so that holding your spot for the next season will present as small a financial burden as possible.

Registration dates are a bit TBD still – usually it runs the last two weeks of May. We will send out updates via email and social media well in advance.

Even with the above, if there are any families who still feel unable to register for financial reasons despite these adjustments – please reach out to our registrar at that time and we can work something out. Our goal is to provide hockey to all the kids in our community who want to play. There are some great financial assistance programs available, and/or we can make even more adjustments to the plans for payment as needed.

The other way we thought we could help is by reaching out more socially – through virtual means. We will continue to provide regular updates through our social media channels – and as well as we will be starting to create some features to highlight some of the great memories from the past season.

We are @cloverdalemha on instagram, twitter and facebook. If you have some great photos and/or a story we can highlight – DM us on one of those channels or email deanna.cmha@gmail.com.

On Facebook specifically, we have created a new social group – Colts members supporting members – to allow our membership to get the word out about their businesses who may still be open during this crisis, and later to promote their businesses as they begin to open back  up. Please request to join and answer the questions – the group is exclusive to our membership.

Again, we are thinking of all of you and hoping all are well.

Yours in hockey,


Marty Jones


Cloverdale MHA