Hello Colts Families!

It is that it is that time of year when the Nominating Committee starts looking to fill all the volunteer roles for the 2020-2021 season.

Every year we need at least 20-25 committed volunteers to sit on our Exec Committee, and head up all the areas of the Association that require it. Please take a few minutes to  think about how you can help in the coming season.

Click here to indicate your interest and someone will contact you to discuss further: Cloverdale MHA – Exec Committee Signup Form

Don’t worry – you aren’t committing to anything by just signing up. This gives us an idea of what roles we should discuss in the session, as well as what your areas of interest in the future might be.

We currently employ the equivalent of ~one full-time position in three part-time positions: our Administrative manager (Glenna), our Hockey Operations manager (Gary), and our Ice Allocator (Shelly).  We also provide honorariums to some Independent Head Coaches, as well as our Referee in Chief.

That’s it – everyone else is doing it for FREE. It takes a lot of volunteer hours to make a successful season and to keep hockey as affordable as possible for the kids in our community. The other reality is that if we have more volunteers helping out to fulfill the hours needed, each job is a little less of a workload, it becomes easier to both get volunteers to return each season, and is it much easier to train existing volunteers to effectively take on different roles in future seasons. As well, the more members we have involved, the better informed we will be, so we can move CMHA forward in the direction that our membership wants us to go.

Vacant positions that we know we need help with this coming season:

Division Directors (1-2)

Division Managers (7-10) – help out in the Division their own player is involved in!

Volunteer Coordination



Events Coordination (Parades, etc)

Tournament Coordinators (1-2 for each tournament)

PCAHA volunteers (3-4)

For the roles not mentioned above, please note that every position is voted in – so even if previous volunteers have already said they are willing to let their names stand, we still vote on it if there is more than one candidate avaiable. A full list of all the current volunteer roles is found at the following link: Executive Committee Roles of Cloverdale MHA

One thing we haven’t seen happen too much lately, and we really want to invite those parents to get involved earlier, is representation from the Initiation/Novice age groups. Don’t be intimidated by being ‘new’ to the Association – we can provide you some great mentorship and having parents of those age groups with a voice at the table is important!

For any other immediate questions, please send an email to Deanna Cox.

Best regards,

Marty Jones

President – Cloverdale MHA