2018 / 2019 Midget Rep & House Evaluations


Welcome to the beginning of a new season, I know we are all excited to get the season started.

To enhance the communication process, each player will be receiving updates directly through Team snap. If you have not done so already, please accept the invitation from your division director to start receiving Team Snap emails.

If you have not received a request from Team Snap and/or do not see your child’s name listed on the Camp list, please contact your Division Director, Sultan Chowdury @ chowdhurysultan0428@gmail.com. to resolve the issue.

Please note if your paper work (transfer) has not been approved by PCAHA your name will not appear on the REP Skate lists. Your names will be added to the list as your paper work is approved.

A reminder to please check these pages often between now and the scheduled start dates of the Rep and House skates for any updates or changes.

Click the link below for information regarding the rep committee appointed to the Midget Division. All inquiries during the evaluation process must be directed to the Atom division director, should you fail to receive a timely response, you may contact any member of the committee.


The Appeal form may be download by clicking the link below. Rules pertaining to the appeal process can be found in Section 13.5 of the rep policies

Appeal Of A Players's Placement During Rep Evaluations

The “Return to Play” form can be downloaded by clicking on the link below. The form must be returned and approved by your division director prior to the player being allowed to return to the ice. For full details on the “Clearance to Play” policies, please refer to Section 13.7 of the rep polices.



Phase 1 Rep evaluations will begin August 30th. All players trying out must attend all of their assigned sessions, unless prior approval from your division director has been received.

To apply for an exemption to miss a schedule session, please send  Sultan details including, the dates and time and confirmation in writing from the competing Junior or Major Midget Team. A direct conflict is considered anything less than 2 hours after or before of the scheduled CMHA skate time. Anything out side of the two hours, the player will be required to attend

It is important to note that missing an assigned skate session without prior approval may result in a "zero" score for that session which could negatively affect your final rating and potential placement.

Under certain circumstances the Rep Evaluation committee for the Atom Division has the discretion to waive the need for prior approval, in the case of unforeseen circumstances, that could not have been anticipated.

To ensure a proper and unbiased evaluation process CMHA will be using independent evaluators, in conjunction with any named coaches. Parent coaches may assist in the evaluation, but will not evaluate their own child, and will not participate in any post evaluation sessions, until such time as their child is ranked sufficiently high enough to make that team’s roster, and they are officially appointed head coach.

Independent evaluators will be used until coaches can be named for all of our Rep teams. Interim coaches may be named to assist the on and off ice evaluation process.

A reminder that the wearing of any equipment with a Spring hockey logo, as well as Cloverdale Rep pant shells are not permitted during rep tryouts. Your child will be asked to remove these items prior to being allowed on the ice.

For those new to CMHA - Fleetwood Arena = Surrey Sport & Leisure, Cloverdale = Cloverdale Arena

Phase 1

A1 - Player Groupings and Schedule

A1- Goalie Schedule

Phase 2

A1 - Camp Roster and Schedule - Available Soon

A2-A3 - Player Groupings and Schedule - Available Soon

A2-A3 - Goalie Schedule - Available Soon

Phase 3


Please click on the following link to access the evaluation criteria to be used in the evaluation process, and the Goalie Skills practice plan

Player Evaluation - Click Here

Goalie Evaluation - Click Here

Goalie Skills Practice Plan - Click Here


House Evaluations will begin on Sunday September 17th. All House players are asked to attend as many skates as possible as this help with proper assessment and balanced house teams within each division.

Failure to produce balanced in past years has resulted in the re-balancing of team’s part way through the season.

"C" House Skate Teams and schedule - Available Soon

If your name does not appear on this list please contact Sultan Chowdury, Midget Director @ chowdhurysultan0428@gmail.com