Summary of Changes to Rep Policies

The following changes have been made to the Rep policies for the upcoming 2017-2018 season. These changes were recommended and approved by the incoming executive, voted on approved at the April Annual General Meeting. To review the entire rep policies please click on the link at the bottom of the page.


14 - In order to participate in Rep evaluations, all potential independent head coaches and parent coaches, must have been interviewed and approved by the executive.


21 - The movement of positions defense to forward, will only be allowed at the Atom division. This will not be allowed at all other divisions.


23 - The placement of the returning player will be determined by the date the returning player has been cleared to return to play (receipt of return to play form), details are contained in Section 13.7 (Return to play from Injury.


24 - The maximum player allotments will be adhered to as set out in these policies. The only exceptions are the Exceptional Player designation (Section 13.7), a successful appeal (Section 13.5), and a change in player position (atom only) or players who have been granted exemption status (section 13.6).



4 - Once the team camps have been formed, (Phase 3) the appointed head coach, with the approval of the division director will be responsible for all further releases. The final release dates are at the discretion of the head coach, but the final releases must be completed within 21 days of the start of the A1 camp

5 - Prior to any release, the coach will meet with all players at least once. A member of the executive must be present during any player meetings. During this meeting the coach will be provide feed- back on the player’s progress. The coach is not to advise the player of their roster status.

6 - For players being released the head coach will send an email, notifying the player, that they have been released. The email will contain feedback for the player, as well as the contact information for the head coach of the team the player is being assigned too.



1 - Any player granted an injury or illness exemption must provide a “clearance to play” form which states the player is cleared to return to full physical contact. Players will not be allowed to return to the ice, until the division director has received a valid “Return to play” form, signed by a physician. The form can be downloaded from the “Risk Management” page on the CMHA web site.

2 - The player’s past performance will be taken into account in placing him/her in an appropriate tryout pool; upon return from injury. However this initial placement does not provide the player a guaranteed spot on the roster of the team. Additionally, a player returning from injury, may be released more than one level based on the evaluation of the player – for example, a player may start at the A1 level but be released more than one level (e.g. to the A2, A3 or C level) if the evaluation indicates that this is the appropriate level for the player.

3 - A player given an Exemption status for a prolonged injury, illness or absence is not guaranteed that he/she will be given an opportunity to try out for and/or be placed on a rep team after the rosters are set for the rep teams in a division. After the final releases and the final roster are set, no player is to be released to make room for a returning player; however, the maximum number of allotted player may be increased, to make room for the return of an injured player.

For a full copy of the 2017-2018 rep policies click on the following link. Rep Evaluation Policies for 2017-18 - Final